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Luxury brands: Courting Gen Z through TikTok influence

Luxury brands: Courting Gen Z through TikTok influence

When Celine announced 18-year-old TikTok star Noen Eubanks as the face of their latest fashion campaign last December, it almost seemed like a stamp of affirmation to the prowess of trending Gen Zs over luxury fashion houses.

More recently, Calvin Klein also unrolled their first genderless Everyone fragrance campaign featuring South Korean rapper, visual artist and TikTok star MeLoveMeAlot (MLMA), best known for creating the viral wavy brow trend back in 2018 and identifies with work that blurs the boundaries of gender.

Luxury brands enlisting the help of young TikTok stars? Daring, we know. But with the app’s growing reign as the internet’s new trend-setter, we think it’s a step in the right direction. By working with the influencers of our generation, brands can effectively communicate their distinct values and personality that not only we can relate to.


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Have you seen the influx of the likes of Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon coming on board the TikTok wagon to show off their wit, spontaneity and dance skills? With a reverse in purchasing decision influence, we’re increasingly guiding our parents (and older generations) to what is hot and what is not. And, after all, we’ll be the main bulk of spenders as we transit into adulthood.

Celine has also picked up on another trend that us Gen Zs are drawn to – relatable celebrities – take a peep at Noen giving us a dose of #realness on his TikTok page with his candid videos, making you wish you were his friend ASAP. Although we can’t all model for a luxury brand, our attention is drawn to stars that are approachable and just a little like us.

Our tip is to strike the perfect balance between relevant and genuine. However, according to Noen the best way to become viral on TikTok is ‘to be a good hot dancer’ … so you could always try that.