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3 haircare trends that could be big in India

3 haircare trends that could be big in India

For many years Indian consumers have followed a basic haircare regime, but that is soon changing with the rise of hair spas and the benefits of hair and scalp treatments.

Nowadays, many Indians have hair care concerns about pollution, hair loss, and damaging UV rays. As well as building a following based on with basic benefits like cleaning and conditioning the hair, brands are now expected to embrace secondary benefits such as revitalising and hydrating plus using plant-based ingredients to appeal to a greater demographic.

Read on to see 3 haircare trends that could help brands in India get ahead of the market –

1 – Products with more than 1 benefit

Due to busy lifestyles, consumers want to maintain their hair with minimum effort and are looking for products that do more than just one thing.

For example, styling products that helps reduce dandruff and reduce itchiness with a conditioning agent that keeps hair healthy with a natural shine.

2 – Fighting pollution and UV

Consumers interest in anti-pollution and UV in haircare are increasing due to concerns about air pollution.

Products with added ingredients like antioxidants that protect against UV rays, heat and pollution will become more and more popular in haircare ranges in India. Two in five Indian consumers say that pollution impacts hair appearance, which opens huge opportunities for brands to address these growing concerns.

3 – Go natural

The natural trend has been popular in haircare and skincare for years in India.

Haircare brands can take advantage of the vegan and natural beauty trend by launching plant-based products or incorporating trusted natural ingredients like coconut oil and olive oil into current lines.